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A Spring Garden Shoot With My Model Team 

Garden Photo Shoot

April 3, 2024

My team. and I had waited all year for this Spring garden shoot. Much like me, this awesome team loves bright, vibrant colors… especially when we are talking about a garden photo shoot!! On our one hour trip to Hollis Gardens, there was a lot of chatter about the various types of photos that they wanted in the gardens, once we arrived. They were so excited!

     My model team and I were surprised at how lush and beautiful the garden was when we got there. I knew it would be beautiful, but it was peak time for the flowers and they were everywhere, and so colorful! It provided the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot, and we couldn’t have been more excited!

The majority of my team was able to make it to our garden photo shoot that day, and I was thankful for all who could make it. But, like most high school seniors, my model team is so busy with lots of exciting things. For example… as we were driving to the gardens, one my models (who didn’t make it… obviously) was literally skydiving! (and secretly, I was praying!!!). It was her 18th birthday and this is how she wanted to celebrate her big day… so she was quickly forgiven for not being with us! 🥰 I love how this team wants to make every occasion so special and memorable. I mean… what better way to celebrate your 18th birthday than by taking a jump out of a plane??? (Okay… I’m much too scared, so not me, but I was certainly praying for our Madyson as we were driving to our location). Once we got to the gardens, her sweet mom was kind enough to send us some pictures of her, safe and sound on the ground!!!. I could breathe again!!! Now on with the shoot…

     Each one of my seniors chose the most adorable outfits that highlighted their unique charm and personality. From the long and flowy dresses, the just above the knee dresses, and the shorts, they all arrived in various pastel hues that looked amazing when we all got together for the group photos.

We were excited as we began exploring the garden to look for the best spots for their individual photos. There were quaint, little pathways lined with blooming flowers, and gorgeous tall trees. Every single corner of the garden seemed to offer a new opportunity to strike a pose. There was even an open green space that the girls decided to run across, while I was photographing them giggling and squealing. It was quite adorable. However our one sweet boy, Andrew, wasn’t feeling it when it came to running across the grass while giggling and squealing. haha!

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our precious Andrew. He is our favorite prankster, who has kept us on our toes all year long. From hiding cell phones, to bringing rubber spiders and snakes to our photo shoots for the sole reason of scaring the life out of us, and even giving us a full karaoke concert of One Direction, Andrew is a ball of life and we all love him so much! Our team wouldn’t have been the same this year without him. And yes… we were always on the lookout to see what he was up to next. (He’s a sneaky one, for sure… in the BEST way!!). Just take a look at some of the photos and see if you can see any Andrew antics. He has always brought so much fun to our sessions.

But, what I loved most about this shoot was that we had no real plan of where we would go in the garden. The team had been together for almost a year, and they had learned how to find great light. Posing like a runway model came easy to them by this point!! Haha.

This Spring garden shoot with my model team was more of a fun day for us to “play” around in the garden. I wanted them to use all of those new found model skills that they developed during their senior year. Thankfully, we’re not done yet with our time together. The team still has another shoot left. I sure will miss them when they graduate, but we’re not going to talk about that right now! Our day together was so special and I loved watching this amazing team enjoy their friendships and their creativity together, in the most beautiful gardens!!

I arrived back home with an exhausted body, and a completely full heart!! If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand of times… I truly have the best seniors and I could not be more grateful for each and every one of them.

The Model Team at the Spring Garden

Hannah in the Spring Garden

Emmah in the Spring Garden

Andrew in the Lush Greenery and By the Lake

Kadence by the Koi Pond and the Lake

Raquel in the Spring Garden and By the Lake

Class of 2025

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