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Anahi’s Beach Sunset Senior Session

Tampa Senior Pictures

August 31, 2023

So much happens before a senior’s session, and one of the things I always look forward to is getting to meet my senior and her mom for the first time. I first met Anahi and her mom over zoom. We chatted, got to know each other, and talked about the vision of her senior session. Her mom mentioned that she really wanted a beautiful portrait of her daughter on the beach, with the sunset behind her. Mom had big plans for that portrait in their family room, and I was on a mission to make that happen for her (and Anahi)! 

On our zoom call, they told me that they wanted a field, beautiful trees, and a beach. That being said, I quickly knew that Fred Howard Park was the perfect location for her senior photos. We started things off in a field where Anahi wore her soccer uniform. She is such a talented player, and she got her soccer skills from her dad. These photos were probably some of HER favorites because they were in honor her dad, and she was still able to incorporate her favorite sport into her senior session! She also brought a very special doll that her dad had given her when she was younger. We included that in some of her pictures, and it was such a sweet tribute to her dad.

Anahi’s Love For Soccer…

Next, we added trees to Anahi’s session! I always think of the area at this particular park as the “magical forest”. The trees have branches that stretch in every direction, and they are so interesting to look at, and beautiful, as well! As we were finishing up in the “magical forest”, I felt a sudden gust of really cool air on my back. I turned around to see the darkest gray clouds quickly approaching us. (For the record, we had been watching the weather all day and there was NO indication of storms in the area where we were shooting her session). Great!!!

The Magical Forest

So, we very quickly left the “magical forest” and made our way to the beach. I knew that her mom really wanted that beautiful photo of her sweet girl on the beach at sunset, because she had specifically told me so in our initial zoom call together. It wasn’t quite “golden hour” yet, but the dark clouds were coming… and FAST! And, this is where our session really took a turn (hint… it was not for the better).

The Storm On The Beach

As we walked out onto the beach, the breeze continued to kick up, and the dark clouds blew right over head. I felt like we were only moments away from a huge storm. We quickly captured a few portraits of Anahi on the beach, but… we were forced to stop. All of us were very surprised by this sudden storm because, all day, we had paid attention to the local news, and the weather apps. We never dreamed this would happen. This had never happened before at a session… EVER!!!! I was so disappointed!!! My streak had ended.

But, it didn’t change the fact that I KNEW that Anahi’s mom still had big hopes of a beach portrait at sunset. I also knew that I hadn’t captured that perfect photo for her Anahi and her mom, due to the crazy and unexpected storm that popped up. (Florida weather has a mind of it’s own, for sure!). This was the first time that something like this had ever happened. So of course, the only option was to schedule a mini session so that we could capture Anahi and the sunset (without the random storm that came out of nowhere). That’s exactly what we did and I am SO glad that we did! We met a few weeks later and her “new” sunset portraits turned out stunning. We all were thrilled, and so proud of ourselves for going the extra mile to make this happen.

Anahi’s beautiful beach photos!!!

Then… the best part happened at our session premiere, when Anahi and her mom came to my office to view their photos. I noticed a few tears as her mom saw her beautiful girl’s senior photos on the beach! (Fun fact: I am a sympathy cryer so I may or may not have teared up as well). The extra work had been worth it! Mission Accomplished!!

Anahi… what an adventure we had at your senior session(s)!!! Congratulations on an incredible senior year at Land O Lakes High School! You are smart, kind, and determined! I know that you have a wonderful future ahead of you, and that you will amaze your family and your friends during this next chapter of your life.

CLASS OF 2024: If you are ready to book your senior session, I would love to work with you! You can contact me here or you can simply click the contact button at the top of the page. I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

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