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Ashley’s Colorful Garden Senior Session

When it comes to senior photos, one of the most requested locations I get from high school girls is that they want their senior session taken in a garden setting. As a lover of bright and colorful senior photos, this always makes me so happy. So you can only imagine how thrilled I was when Ashley told me that she wanted her senior pictures taken in a garden setting. 

But first, let’s back up just a bit… Ashley enjoyed her high school years at Land O’ Lakes High School. She was very involved in her high school, especially as a member of the student council. Ashley is the youngest of 2 girls in her family, and a few years before meeting Ashley, I had the privilege of taking her older sister’s senior pictures. I am always so honored and grateful when a client turns into a friend, and then into a returning client. That’s exactly how I met Ashley. 

During her session, Ashley was as delightful, kind, and beautiful as her older sister, Emily. In fact, Ashley eventually became one of my class of 2023 senior models. What a wonderful year we had together, along with the rest of the team. So, by the time her session rolled around, we had been photographing together for almost a year. This made for the most fun and relaxed day together. 

But, we had no idea what we were going to encounter when we arrived at Hollis Gardens, in Lakeland. I had never seen so many gorgeous flowers in bloom all at once in my career as a senior photographer. I was so giddy and I couldn’t stop squealing at all the beauty that surrounded us. Dare I say that this may have been one of the most gorgeous 2023 senior sessions that I had photographed all year???? Well, I’ll let you take a look and decide for yourself. But, it’s obvious to assume that I loved every second of Ashley’s senior session and I can hardly wait until the flowers are in bloom again. 

Bright, Colorful Flowers… everywhere!!!

Roses, Roses, and more Roses…

What’s next for Ashley???

Ashley plans to attend the University of South Florida this Fall. I know that she will continue to work hard and be involved in her community.  Ashley plans to study Political Science and Criminology, and I know she will excel in college, just as she has in everything else that she puts her mind to!

Congratulations on your graduation, Ashley, and I hope that you love every minute of your college experience, as well!! I’m cheering you on. GO BULLS!!!

Class of 2024 seniors, I am currently booking for the class of 2024. My schedule is already starting to fill up so feel free to contact me here (or click the button at the upper right side of this page) and we will get you on the books. I am so excited to meet YOU!!!

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