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Josie’s Watercolor Sky Sunrise Senior Session

Beach Session

May 12, 2023

Whenever a senior is up for a sunrise session, I’m always so excited. I was especially thrilled when it came to Josie’s senior session. This was a session that I had looked forward to for a long time.

I first met Josie when she and my daughter were in the same preschool class together. So I’ve had the great honor of watching her grow up from the time she was four years old until now. She has become a part of our family, for sure!

Josie is a senior at Land O’ Lakes High School, and she’s eagerly awaiting her first days at the University of South Florida where she is planning to major in marketing and minor in business. Knowing Josie so well, I know that she’s really going to excel in college, just like she has in high school. Josie is so funny, and she never fails to make me laugh (often until my ribs feel bruised… haha!). She’s always been the absolute life of every party, and to know Josie is to love her. 

Stunning Sunrise

With all of this in mind, Josie’s sunrise senior session was one that I had been really looking forward to! Together with her mom Becky (who has become one of my dear friends), we left for Josie’s senior session while it was still dark outside. That’s actually one of my favorite things about sunrise sessions—you never quite know what the sky or the day will bring! And man, were we excited when the light layer of clouds in the sky caused a beautiful watercolor effect. It was quite honestly, breath-taking!

Josie’s fun personality

Josie absolutely shined throughout this entire session, and I think her photos capture her perfectly. She’s a beautiful young lady inside and out, and I cannot wait to continue to watch her as she accomplishes so many more incredible things in her life.

Class of 2023

It’s not too early to start thinking about 2024 senior sessions! My calendar is already filling up with requests to capture next year’s seniors, and I can’t wait to meet every one of them. Send me a note to chat more, or you can simply click the button at the top of the page.

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