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Senior Guys...

Let's be real, guys... it may actually be your mom who is wanting you to take your senior photos. (Trust me, I know! My own son didn't want his senior photos taken either!) But just know... you'll make your mom the happiest mom on earth if you let me capture YOU... just as you are, right now!! We will have a blast, I'll tell you everything you need to do from start to finish, and you'll love your photos!!! That's a promise!!! All you have to do is show up and I'll take care of the rest! 

You have so many choices of locations for your senior session... and THIS is the part of your senior session where you can add in your personality and individually.

Did you grow up going to the beach, or out in nature, in the woods, or at the baseball fields? Do you love the vibe of an urban location or a great spot in the woods? Let's incorporate that into your session. Even if you have no idea of where to go for your session, we'll still figure out the perfect location for you... I have so many ideas for locations!! 

If you have a new location that you want to try... that's even better! I always love trying out new locations and creating the most memorable session for you!!! I can't wait until we can discuss your special location!! 

Shooting locations

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