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A Glamorous New Year’s Eve Photo Shoot

It was our final model team shoot of 2023, and we had big plans for a glamorous New Year’s Eve Photo Shoot. This New Year’s Eve shoot called for nothing less than sequins, streamers, disco balls, and confetti!! All of these elements would make for a perfect afternoon filled with glitz and glam, and we could hardly wait!

As always, our annual New Year’s Eve photo shoot is a favorite of mine. In fact, my studio shoots are always my favorite types of photo shoots. I love the control that a studio shoot gives me. Plus the creativity that it allows for is almost endless. So, we were planing to go BIG with this photo shoot, holding nothing back! What a shoot it turned out to be. All of the sparkly elements complimented each other and it was nothing short of extraordinary.

Sequin Extravaganza

The main influence that would set the stage for our photo shoot was going to be the outfits!! Sequins, sequins, and more sequins! The model team arrived, completely bedazzled with sequins, and it was amazing! With all of the glitz and glam…we all were beaming because we knew that this photo shoot was going to be nothing short of amazing!

Disco Ball Magic

Of course, the next element of our New Year’s Eve photo shoot would be the disco balls! A New Year’s Eve photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without the iconic disco balls. We loved how the surface of the balls scattered rays of light in every direction, creating a lovely display of light everywhere, creating a huge WOW factor!!

Confetti Showers

And finally, what would a New Year’s Eve celebration be without confetti…. lots and lots of confetti? It was the perfect way to end our photo shoot together. The girls were laughing and cheering, as we counted down to when they would toss their confetti into the air. What a celebration it turned out to be!!! Not only were the girls celebrating the New Year, they were celebrating the year that they would be GRADUATING from high school!!! What an exciting time for them!!! It was such a sweet moment!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

So much went into planning and executing this glamorous New Year’s Eve photo shoot with my SMP model team. The glitz and glam of the sequin outfits, the disco balls, the confetti showers, the backdrop with the twinkling lights…. This was a photo shoot that we won’t soon forget! This glamorous photo shoot served as a reminder to us that there’s always a reason to celebrate. Life is such a gift!!! Here’s to a year filled with love, happiness, unforgettable moments, and of course, a little glitz from time to time. Happy New Year!!!

Class of 2024

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