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A Wedding Day in the Woods | Tyler and Jamie


May 15, 2024

Let’s welcome Mr. and Mrs. Harvey to the blog! Tyler and Jamie had the most beautiful wedding day in the woods, at Havenwood Farm and Events. Now, before I begin, I have to share that when I first photographed Jamie, at her senior senior session 7 years ago, I never dreamed that I would also have the privilege of photographing her on her wedding day! I was so very honored to be a part of her big day.

Jamie is one of the most relaxed brides that I have ever had the privilege of working with. She had a vision of how she wanted her wedding day to be and it was such a joyful day of celebration with her friends and family.

Getting Ready At A Farm In The Woods…

Their wedding day started at their Airbnb, in Dade City Florida. It was on a large farm property, surrounded by woods. It also had a lovely wooden fence around the perimeter, adding to the charming aesthetic of the property. There were two houses sitting right next to each other… aka the girl’s house and the guy’s house. The entire bridal party checked into the Airbnb the day before the wedding and spent the night on the property. The guys slept in, and they were just stirring when I arrived, on the wedding day. So, I went straight to the girl’s house, who had started their day, extra early, with hair and makeup.

Their was such excitement at the airbnb, and the girl’s were all enjoying breakfast and lounging around in their matching pj’s. There were various stations set up, so that everyone could seamlessly work through the getting ready process. Music was playing in the background, there was lots of chatter and lounging around on the couches, and there was such peace in the house. You could feel all of the family love that was happening that morning in the airbnb.

But, having the 2 houses next door to each other did pose a bit of a challenge, since Jamie and Tyler were not doing a first look. Everyone, in both houses, was tasked to make sure that Jamie and Tyler did not get even a glimpse of each other prior to the ceremony. Somehow we all made that happen and they never saw each other prior to the ceremony.

Even though Jamie and Tyler didn’t have a first look, they did choose to have a first touch. This was so special. We set up two chairs behind one of the houses, with the beautiful woods as the backdrop. Jamie and Tyler sat, back to back, holding hands as they read their private wedding vows to one another. I don’t know what they shared, but it was beautiful to watch them giggling (and maybe sharing a tear) while reading their vows to each other.

The Ceremony at Havenwood Farm and Events

Then we left the airbnb and headed to Havenwood Farm and Events for the ceremony. We all arrived to the venue about 30 minutes before the ceremony started. There was so much excitement as the bridal party was quickly getting into place, behind the closed wooden doors, at the back of the paved ceremony site.

As the doors finally opened and Jamie stood, holding her dad’s arm, Tyler couldn’t take his eyes off of his soon to be bride. I always love capturing a groom’s expression as he sees his soon to be wife for the very first time, in her wedding dress. Tyler seemed awestruck as he took in her beauty! Jamie was a stunning bride, and for the rest of the day, Tyler couldn’t take his eyes off of Jamie.

Their reception was a true celebration of love, family, LIFE and tears!!! I include the word life here because, a little over two weeks prior to Jamie’s wedding day, her youngest sister, Josie, was involved in a devastating car accident. After spinal surgery to fix several fractured vertebrae and both broken wrists, the thought of Josie being able to be at her sister’s side as maid of honor seemed bleak. Perhaps, Josie could be there in a wheelchair? That was the hope, at least. BUT, if you only knew Josie… the fighter, the one who would refuse to take no for an answer.

Josie’s love for Jamie and her unyielding determination to be by her sister’s side on her wedding day won out!! Josie worked through the pain, she endured grueling in-patient rehab prior to her sister’s wedding day, and she made it to the wedding! Not only did she make it to the wedding, she WALKED down the aisle to stand by her sister’s side! What a truly amazing moment!! The guests cheered when they saw Josie walking on her sister’s wedding day. There wasn’t a dry eye at the venue! So, once the ceremony was over, you can only imagine ALL of the celebration that took place during the reception! It was the celebration of all celebrations!

After the most amazing reception, Jamie and Tyler closed out their wedding day with a last dance, underneath the twinkling lights of the clear tent. They were so happy, and Tyler still couldn’t take his eyes off of his beautiful wife. Once their last dance ended, they turned around to face their guests. They left the venue through a glowy line of sparklers, surrounded by their family and friends. The flickering light from the sparklers made this moment feel like a true fairy tale. The love and joy from the entire day was palpable, and this sparkler exit was the perfect way to end their wedding day!

Jamie and Tyler, thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. Jamie, I still remember taking your senior photos, and I have loved watching you during your college years, your engagement, and I was so honored to have captured your wedding day for you. Thank you for your trust, thank you for your friendship, and thank you for being the most wonderful bride to work with! You are a such a joy to be around and you were the most stunning bride! What a perfect day!!!


Getting Ready

First Looks

First Touch



Last Dance

Grand Exit

Wedding Vendors:

Venue | Havenwood Farm and Events

Planner | Bustle and Bloom Weddings

Florist | Bustle and Bloom Weddings

HMUA | Brooke Herrero Makeup

Bartending Service | Thirst Responders

Photographer | Sandi Michelle Photography

Second Shooter |

Caterer | Lakeland BBQ

DJ | Events Done Right

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