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A Beach and a Nature Senior Session

Let’s welcome Anna to the blog today. She is a beautiful senior who wanted, both, a beach and a nature location for her senior session. I love hearing that because there are many locations to choose from in Tampa that offer both of those options within one location. I was thrilled to hear of her choice for her session, and I had the perfect location in mind.

A Sidewalk Bridge Session

Anna showed up on the day of her session looking amazing, as always! Her first location was a more casual spot that included a very cool sidewalk bridge that overlooked the water. Anna embraced this location, as well as all the “walkers” too, who were also taking advantage of this amazing location.

People are always so kind to my seniors, and I am so thankful. They often congratulate them and sometimes even engage and ask about their college plans. It just gets them even more excited to be there at their senior session. I love it because their confidence soars and we capture even more beautiful photos.

A Nature Session

Our next location was deep in the woods. I loved this part of the shoot, as Anna pulled out the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers that she wanted to include in this part of the session (and on the beach as well). She also showed me her gorgeous ring that she had worn for her senior session. Anna told me that her ring actually had belonged to her great, great grandmother. This ring was so very special and it meant so much to Anna. This ring also honored a wonderful woman and her family legacy.

A Beach Session

After this part of the session, we got ready for our grand finale location… the BEACH!! (If you haven’t guessed by now… the beach is ALWAYS our grand finale location when we are at a location that also has beautiful nature too).

Anna changed into a trendy black dress that complimented our light and neutral beach location, perfectly. Next, she added in those gorgeous flowers again, and they completed her entire look with a pop of color. When I saw everything put together for her photos, I was in photographer heaven.

The only obstacle that we had to overcome during her session was that it was COLD… so cold and extremely windy during her session. We were wrapping Anna up between photos to make sure that she stayed warm. But, she was a trooper and we were able to capture the most stunning photos of her out on the beach.

But we still weren’t finished. Her last outfit was an adorable long and flowy sundress. She went straight out into the water for our final photos of the day. Anna was still cold, but she dug deep and decided to embrace the moment, knowing that she was creating forever memories of a moment that she’d never get back. She knew that she’s only a senior ONCE, and she went for it! Her photos were amazing… Anna was amazing! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful senior session, and I couldn’t have been more proud of Anna. I love it when a senior session ends this way!! It had been a perfect afternoon…

Class of 2024 Seniors

It’s still not too late to take your senior photos. It’s still 2024, and this season of your life will never come again, so let’s talk about how you can still commemorate your senior year with your unique senior session that tells the story of YOU! Contact me HERE and I will be in touch.

Class of 2025 Seniors

My senior calendar is now open and you can contact me HERE to reserve your preferred FALL senior session date. I have already started booking Fall dates, so don’t hesitate to contact me. I want you to get the date that works best for you!! I can’t wait to meet you soon.

High School Senior, walking on a beach with flowers. This senior wanted her session at a beach. She loves flowers, so she brought flowers because they make her happy.

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