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A Nature And Beach Engagement Session

When I first met Brock at his older brother’s wedding, I had no idea that just two years later I would have the honor, once again, of serving this amazing family for Brock and Allison’s wedding. This nature and beach engagement session was such a joy to shoot, and I can hardly wait for their wedding day. I hope you enjoy this recap of our day together.

On the day of Allison and Brock’s engagement session, we met at Fred Howard Park, because the wanted two location options, and this particular park offered exactly that. It was the perfect choice for them.

When I first saw them at the park, Brock was standing outside of his red pick up truck while Allison was touching up her makeup inside of the truck. They were so cute as they walked up to me at the beginning of their session.


This was the first time I would meet Allison in person. I loved her bright, beautiful smile, and I immediately noticed her infectious and bubbly personality. We started chatting as if we’d known each other for years. Then both of them started telling me about their love story, how they met, and what they envision for their wedding day. I always love those first interactions with an engaged couple because they are always so excited to share about their wedding day. We had such a fun conversation.

Nature Photos

We could have stood right there in the parking lot talking for a while, but it was time to get to work! We began their session in the woodsy, nature area. The day was perfect and the glowy light was shining softly through the trees. Brock and Allison were adorable as they giggled through all of their poses. I could see how playful they were with each other and it was so apparent how much they loved being together. We had fun in the woods and then headed over to the beach area.

Beach Photos

Once we reached the beach, we were faced with lots of wind. That wasn’t totally unexpected, as there always seems to be quite a bit of wind at this particular beach. We tried one side of this little island first but then decided it would be best to head to the opposite side of the island in order to have a little more control of the how the wind was affecting their photos. GREAT decision!

There were so many fun areas on this side of the island. We started with some sandy stairs, tall grass, and large rocks that were close by the shoreline. Then we played around closer to the water for a bit. We had to work hard to deal with the wind, but I’m always up for a good challenge, and with their easy going personalities, they were up for it too. We made a great team and captured beautiful photos on the beach. They giggled their way through the entire day, and it was so much fun!

Sunset Photos

For their final set of photos of the day, I already knew what I wanted to do. Now, if I could just get them to buy into my idea. From what I had already seen during their session, I knew that they would be “all in”. They laughed when I told them to get in the water. They ran out into the water… started splashing, and then running around together in the water… giggling, the way they had done all afternoon. Their photos turned out just precious. I could so easily see that they are truly best friends and will make the best life partners!!

Brock and Allison were absolutely adorable and I know that they are going to love being married! They’re best friends, they’re so playful, and they know how to laugh and have fun together.

I kept thinking to myself that if their engagement session was this much fun, how much MORE fun are we going to have on their wedding day? I can hardly wait for their summer wedding. Allison is going to be the most stunning bride!!!

Congratulations, Brock and Allison. I can’t wait to see you again soon, on the best day of your lives!!

Nature Photos With The Glowy Sun

Beautiful Beach Photos

Sunset Photos and Playing in the Water

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