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A Sunny Valentine’s Inspired Photoshoot

Senior Model Team

February 9, 2023

This Valentine’s inspired photoshoot made my heart so happy. Oh, how I just LOVE my SMP model team… and what an appropriate sentiment right now, with Valentine’s day being just right around the corner. One of my favorite things that I LOVE about these amazing girls is their friendship with one another. Each time that we get together, it is so sweet to see their friendships continue to grow as they create fun memories during the photoshoots, and of course… lots of food! These girls are so encouraging to one another, and oh so silly too!

The Valentine’s Day inspired photoshoots have become an annual event here at SMP. It is one of my favorite shoots every year because, who doesn’t love celebrating love and friendship, as well as the color pink? (And, If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with all things pink).

We started off our shoot at a brick wall, on the backside of a wedding venue. The large brick wall is broken into several blocks of solid color for almost the entire length of the building. There were so many fun colors… all in one place. We embraced the FULL sun, and it was beautiful! But, considering that Valentine’s day was fast approaching, we made sure that we spent some extra time in front of the pink wall, and we had a blast.

Colorful brick walls

Once we were done shooting in the direct sunlight, we decided to head over to a local park and finished up our shoot there. At the park, we had lots of sunshine, big trees, boardwalks, of course roses, and most of all, plenty of laughter. These girls love laughing together, which is one of my favorite things about them.

A beautiful park

Roses and more roses

And what is a photoshoot without a Chick-fil-a run on the way home? Not everyone was able to grab a quick lunch because, as we all know, seniors are super busy these days and have tons of things going on. So, some of us ended the photoshoot with full bellies, and some of us did not, but we ALL ended the photoshoot with full hearts, and that is what mattered most!!!

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