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Hailey’s Sunrise Beach Session


February 2, 2023

Hailey’s senior session had been on the books for almost an entire year, and it was finally time for her senior pictures. I was so excited! I mean… it had been almost a year coming. Then, we had to cancel her session a few days prior to her scheduled date due to hurricane Ian. Ian decided to hit Florida’s west coast (where we both live) on the exact day of Hailey’s session. So, we had to reschedule her session for a few more weeks out. I mean, after almost a year… what’s a few more weeks, am I right??

Gorgeous Sunrise

Hailey’s senior session was a sunrise session. The morning glow was breath-taking and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was the perfect backdrop for Hailey’s senior pictures. It was gorgeous. No wonder Fort Desoto is my very favorite beach for a sunrise session.

Family life

Hailey is the oldest of four girls. She’s fun, chatty, she loves to laugh and she has the most stunning blue eyes!! She’s also an ice skater and, in fact, works at the ice skating rink where she trains. So it was no wonder that she arrived to her session with her ice skates. You can only imagine the fun we had (as Floridians) incorporating her ice skates into her session. There was ice NO WHERE… only lots and lots of sand. We had to be very creative with how we featured her skates during her session.

ALSO… can we talk about Hailey’s graduation cap? It was absolutely stunning! Her mom’s very dear friend made this cap for Hailey as a gift. It was truly a work of art, so I wanted to make sure to spend a few minutes photographing it because I loved it so much! (Just scroll down, and tell me that you’re not singing a particular song when you see it! Haha). I have seen many graduation caps over the years, but this cap is my favorite one to date!

Ready to Book?

Winter and early Spring in Florida are my favorite seasons for photographing seniors. Mostly because there is the perfect chill in the air, but it’s not too cold. It is such a welcomed change from our usual high temperatures and high humidity.

If you are ready to book your senior session, now is a wonderful time of year to do that. I would love to work with you! You can contact me at, or you can simply click the contact button at the top of the page. I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

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