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Caroline’s Senior Session at a Train Station


August 7, 2023

A senior session at a train station??? I read the email twice to understand more clearly. This request was a first for me… and I wasn’t sad about it either! I am always, and I mean always up for new locations and new challenges when it comes to senior pictures. But what really drew me in was the way that her mother described the WHY of this particular location, for Caroline’s senior session!

Caroline’s mom wrote to me: “Caroline has selected to attend Florida Atlantic University (FAU), in Boca Raton. One of the big features (for choosing the train station for her senior session) was the opportunity to take the train to and from our home. The ride will allow her time to catch up on schoolwork, organize appointments, or rest”. First of all… as a young college freshman, how exciting does that sounds to catch the train to commute back and forth from home (far away) and then back to school? What a fun way to start off her “adulting” life! Second of all… can you tell that her mom is an educator? I appreciated how her mom so thoughtfully wrote out, not only where Caroline wanted the session, but why Caroline needed the session to be at the train station. I truly have the best seniors and families (and YES! I am biased, for sure!). Anyway, as soon as I read the email, I knew that I just HAD to make this senior session happen for Caroline! Challenge accepted!

Trees and glow at the train station

We started her session off at the side of the station, in downtown Tampa. There were pretty trees on one side of the station and thankfully, the trees were on the “correct” side of the building where the sun would be setting. That means the sun was in the right place and the lighting was perfect!

After shooting out by the pretty trees, Caroline wanted to go to the opposite side of the station, where the commuters would go to get on and off the trains. Actually, this was the exact platform where SHE will eventually be getting on and off the trains to commute back and forth to college.

Once we were done photographing near the platform, Caroline brought out her FAU flag. This particular photo would be the photo that she used to share her college choice with her friends and family. What a cute idea, Caroline!

The Platform at the train station

What was next is what we had been waiting for. The inside of the train station itself! It was rather crowded when we first arrived, so photographing around the outside of the station allowed for the crowds to come and then go. When we were ready to head inside of the station, it was almost time for the station to close. But it was perfect because it literally was just the two of us in the station… well, and the one attendant who was inside also. We couldn’t have asked for a better situation in which to take her photos inside of the station.

Inside the train station

After we finished up inside, we decided to go down the street to finish up her session there, since the train station was now closed. We found a cool looking parking lot, that just happened to have someone just casually sitting inside their car with a “scream” mask on. So we went with our gut and got out of there ASAP!!! Great idea!

We went down the street, a long way away, and found another cool, abandoned parking lot. Caroline lit up when she saw what was in the background of this parking lot. Okay… I’ll tell you, since it may take a minute to see it. But… Caroline is a HUGE Elton John fan! The graffiti wall behind where we would be capturing her flag corp photos had none other than Elton John on the graffiti wall!! It could not have been cuter to see her excitement when she saw the wall and realized who was on the wall. So… what we thought was an inconvenience by having to go and find another abandoned (yet SAFE) parking lot, turned out to be the biggest treat of our day together. Caroline was thriving during this part of her senior session. I absolutely loved this unique session. It was “all things Caroline” and it fit her perfectly!!

Graffiti Wall

Great job, Caroline! You did amazing at your downtown senior session. I am so proud of you and I truly hope that you love those train rides back and forth to college. You’re going to do amazing things in Boca Raton! Congratulations!!! #classof2023

CLASS OF 2024: The 2024 school year is ready to begin and I still have availability for Fall senior sessions. Whether you want to go to the beach, a park, downtown, or another location you love, I cannot wait to take photos of the #classof2024 seniors! Go to or click the button at the top of the page, and we’ll start planning your session .

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