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Lauren’s Music-Inspired Sunrise Senior Session

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August 15, 2023

Although sunrise senior sessions mean that we all have to get up extra, extra early, these sunrise sessions always have some of the absolute biggest rewards. We get to enjoy the first light of the day, beautiful colors, and empty locations together, and those three things make sunrise senior sessions perfect!! Of course, my seniors are the absolute best part! Today I’m so thrilled to welcome Lauren to the blog as I share more about her sunrise session.

First of all, let’s start by acknowledging Lauren’s gorgeous red hair. It so perfectly contrasted against the woodsy, field location where we were photographing, during the early morning hours. And being a homeschooled senior is typically a perk, because it often means that meeting at sunrise is the perfect time for a senior session. But this session had a twist! We met for the first time, on the side of the road, (in a safe place, of course) and traveled to a location you can only reach via golf cart! The drive to our location gave us a few minutes to get to know each other a little bit better. It also helped Lauren to relax and get excited for her session.

Beautiful Golden Light

Capturing Lauren in a beautiful field, with the golden sunlight, was perfect because we really got to be creative together. Lauren is so full of creativity and she is also a gifted violinist. Of course, that meant that she brought her violin to her session. Capturing Lauren with her violin was very important to her. While we captured these shots, Lauren shared how she loves playing the violin and what music means to her, and I felt so inspired as I listened to her talk about one of her biggest passions. These moments are why I love my senior sessions! 

Fun Graduation Caps

Not only did we capture Lauren’s “future album cover” with her violin (watch out, Lindsey Stirling!), but we also made sure to capture more beautiful photos with her graduation caps. She hand-painted one of them, and I think you’ll recognize where the other one came from (hint: It’s the “Happiest Place on Earth”). I loved Lauren’s varied looks for each cap, and she even created her own t-shirt, to tie the Disney theme together. I thought she looked adorable in her Disney inspired cap and t-shirt! It added such a fun touch to her senior session.

Every senior I capture is so special to me. Knowing that they’re sharing their passions, personalities, and families with me is such an honor each and every time. And when I see a senior come alive in front of my lens, like Lauren did, it makes my heart so happy.

Lauren, you are so smart, talented, determined… and I cannot wait to watch you as you start college soon. It’s amazing seniors, like Lauren, that change the world!!! Congratulations Lauren on all of your accomplishments.

Class of 2024: I am now booking Fall senior sessions. If you want a unique senior session that is fun, relaxing and tells the story of YOU, click here, or you can simply click the button at the top of the page. I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

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