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Fall model team photoshoot in the studio

Fall Session

October 20, 2022

After a wonderful summer, it was now time to head back to high school. But this year was different… these sweet girls were going back as SENIORS!! Since it had been 4 months since our last shoot, I had really been missing my girls. I could hardly wait for our Fall photo shoot. We had prepared, planned, and planned some more, but September in Florida brought lots of thunderstorms and the outdoors were extra muddy and squishy, so we had to enact plan B! We moved our outdoor Fall shoot into the studio. This turned out to be the best decision because, besides the muddy, squishy ground, the humidity was almost unbearable. So, into the studio we went and we had the best afternoon together. 


I wanted to make sure that my model team had fun, that they were comfortable, and I also wanted to challenge their creativity. I used furniture, props, and accessories to set up three different scenarios around the studio. The girls were encouraged to show their personalities and find their own style during the photoshoot. They embraced the challenge and blew me away!!


It took no time at all for them to get out of their comfort zone. Before I knew it, the studio was overtaken with so much encouragement and joy, and it was more than I could have hoped for. Anytime one of the girls began their set of photos, the rest of the team cheered, and yelled out words of affirmation. There was lots of laughter, which brought out all of the adorable smiles and giggles. Normally, it’s my job to hype my clients up, but these amazing girls stepped up on their own and cheered each other on until the shoot was over. My heart was so full by the end of our shoot, and there hearts were as well!


After the shoot was done, we got comfortable on the floor. We painted pumpkins, ate way too many snacks, chatted, and just hung out together. What a relaxing way to end our shoot. Needless to say, I am a little obsessed with this amazing group of girls… and I can hardly wait for our next shoot. 

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