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The Traveling Dress

A Dream Session

June 13, 2022

A few years back, I once read about a Traveling Dress project from a photographer that I enjoyed following. The thought of several photographers taking the same dress and creating their own custom photoshoot, just for the sake of being creative seemed like a dream!!! Would I ever be able to take part in something like this with other talented photographers?? Who knew…

I continued on my journey of building my senior photography business and decided to enroll myself in a six month mastermind group that was solely focused on high school seniors. I learned so much over our six months together. We finished up our time together with a weekend retreat in Charleston.

During dinner one evening, the topic of a traveling dress series came up. I listened very carefully as detail after detail was discussed! Before I knew it, the idea took shape and our mastermind group made the decision to create our own Traveling Dress project! I couldn’t believe it was happening, and I was over the moon. By the time I received the dress, it had already been to Tennessee, North Carolina, Minnesota, and South Carolina. I had a creative vision and I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot this dress.

I called up my gorgeous model (and previous high school senior) Jolie, and off we went to the Don Cesar hotel, on St. Pete Beach. It was a cold and terribly windy day, and I was concerned because we literally had one chance to do this shoot, given both of our busy schedules. But we were determined! Jolie braved the cold temperatures, along with the strong wind and pure magic happened.

In fact, so much magic happened that hotel guests began taking out their cell phones to photograph us during the shoot, just in case Jolie turned out to be a celebrity or someone of “great importance”! We laughed so much, took it all in stride, and her photos turned out amazing!

I don’t think words can say enough about these photos so I will let my words stop here so that you can enjoy these beautiful photos from the Traveling Dress Project! I hope that I get to do another one some day soon!!!

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