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Kayli’s joyful Fred Howard Park Senior Session


May 22, 2023

Sometimes I photograph high school seniors that I’ve known for a long time, and other times I meet them for the very first time on the day of their session. In fact, it’s one of my favorite parts about what I do! I so enjoy learning about everything that my seniors love and watching them as their sweet and fun personalities shine through. This is exactly how I felt when I captured Kayli’s session. 

Kayli is adorable. She’s a senior at Calvary Christian High School where she’s a proud member of their varsity cheerleading team. She’s excited to attend Florida State University in the Fall, and she’s planning to major in Communications—a major that is clearly perfect for her and her bubbly, outgoing personality. 

Soon to be Seminole

We met for the first time on the day of her session at Fred Howard Park. Kayli and her mom wanted her photos captured both, at the beach, and also somewhere with a beautiful natural background. This made Fred Howard park the perfect location for Kayli’s session! With its trees, that felt more like an enchanted forest, to the beach that was at the further point of the park, we had the best of both worlds.

Nature setting

Kayli has a smile that lights up a room (or in this case, an entire park!), and she was absolutely beaming throughout her entire session. She’s beautiful and charismatic with just the right amount of fun sass. She also loves her roles as sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. I honestly think that: all that she is currently, and everything she has yet to become shined through so wonderfully while we were together. 

The cutest cheerleader

We captured photos on the beach of Kayli wearing her cheerleading uniform, which was a perfect nod to her favorite high school activity. Also, we can’t forget the photos where we captured her with her favorite drink of all time… COKE! (scroll back up a bit!). Next, she put on her gorgeous white dress for the rest of her session on the beach. Just as we were about to wrap up, she announced that she wanted to capture a few final photos in the ocean. So, she dashed toward the water and jumped in. These were some of the most fun photos. This may have been my favorite part of her session because she was so fully herself in this moment.

Kayli, you are radiant inside and out. Florida State University is the perfect school for you, and I think you will absolutely shine as a Communications major. Congratulations on the end of a beautiful high school season and the start of a wonderful college experience!

Class of 2024: It’s not too early to start thinking about your senior session! My calendar is starting to fill up with requests to capture next year’s seniors, and I can’t wait to meet every one of YOU. You can contact me at or you can simply click the button at the top of the page.

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