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A hidden library and a glowy forest senior session

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May 18, 2023

Ever since early middle school, Tori has dreamed of having her senior session in a library. Not just any library… more of a hidden library, or a “Beauty and the Beast” type of library. (yes, she has described it that way too). With Tori being one of the most avid readers that I have ever known, I was determined to help her find the perfect library for her senior session.

I was so excited when the day of her senior session finally arrived because we had achieved that goal. We had found the perfect hidden library. It was close to our home, and it was everything that she had dreamed it would be.

How do I know that it was everything that she dreamed it would be? Because Tori just happens to be my daughter. She is the baby of four children in our family and our last high school senior to graduate. She has always been very clear of what she wanted for her senior session… ever since middle school. So I joined her in her hunt for the perfect hidden library where we could take her senior pictures and tell Tori’s unique story. She also brought along some of her very favorite books to include in her session, which made it even more personal to her.

A Hidden Library

Tori is such a sentimental soul. She has always cared about her family, making memories, and preserving them as well. She’s a sucker for a great story and her favorite story teller of all is her grandmother… better known as Maw-maw. Her grandmother enjoys sharing so many stories from her younger days, and to be honest, I also love hearing them as well because she really is the best story teller.

This first half of Tori’s senior session was just plain wonderful! I had never photographed a senior inside of a dark (yet stunning) library before, but I was up for the challenge. Tori came with some of her own posing ideas that she wanted to include in her session, which was great. We created not only really fun images, but we also created really fun memories as well.

After we finished up the first half of Tori’s senior session, we went out from the dimly lit (but quite magical) library into a bright and sunny Florida afternoon. It was a beautiful day! There was a pine tree forest just around the corner from the library and we couldn’t get to it fast enough when we saw all of the trees and the amazing glow from the sun.

A glowy pine tree forest

We quickly started galavanting all around the forest, as if we didn’t have a care in the world. We were so silly together and I encouraged Tori to twirl, skip, walk, squat, turn right, turn left, come close, back up… We laughed for most of the afternoon and I am forever grateful to have been able to help my baby girl create the senior session of her dreams.

Class of 2023

Tori will be attending the University of South Florida this Fall. She will be pursuing her degree in English and Library Science.

Future USF Bull

Class of 2024: It’s not too early to start thinking about your senior session! My calendar is already filling up with requests to capture next year’s seniors, and I can’t wait to meet every one of YOU. Send me a note to chat more, or you can simply click the button at the top of the page.

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