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Ally’s Botanical Garden Senior Session

I am SO excited to share today’s senior session with you… let’s welcome Ally!!! Ally is an absolute JOY to be around, and she blew me away, not only during her senior year, but also while we were capturing her senior photos together. I cannot wait to introduce her to you. Prepare to be inspired by this absolute ray of light!

When we were planning her senior session, Ally mentioned she really loved the idea of capturing her photos at a botanical garden. So, we made it happen! We drove an hour and a half to reach the picture-perfect destination of Cedar Lakes Botanical Gardens, and it was well worth it. Ally was in her element and it was a joy to watch Ally absolutely shine in each one of her photos. She is so easy to photograph. Every time I would pick up my camera, I never even had to prompt her with ideas. Ally’s energy and enthusiastic personality took over and her photos were pure magic!

Beautiful Botanical Gardens

While we were taking photos, Ally and I were talking all about her high school experience and her plans for after graduation. This girl was BUSY during high school. She played on multiple sports teams, including volleyball (she was captain of her club team), weightlifting, and shot put and discus for her track team. Plus, she founded a new club, she kept up with her studies as part of the International Baccalaureate program, and she even had time to be the Student Council Secretary. (I told you Ally would inspire you!). She has such a servant’s heart. 

Because Ally was so involved at Land O Lakes High School, she brought along just “some” of her medals to wear during her session. She made sure to bring her most important ones with her for her photos. It was so exciting to watch her as she held on to them while we were taking photos. They meant so much to her, because she earned every single one through nothing but determination and good old fashioned HARD WORK!!! Her work ethic is impressive, to say the least. I was so proud of her!!!

So Many Hard Earned Medals…

Ally also has the travel bug inside of her. She has always loved traveling and she said she’s excited to continue traveling. She looks forward to taking one “big” trip every year. Two of her favorite recent adventures were to Greece and Scotland.

Ally is also thrilled to be attending the University of North Florida. I have no doubt she will be equally as involved in college as she was in high school. I also have absolutely no doubt that she will excel in her psychology studies and her plans to become a psychologist. 

With that beautiful smile, her hard work ethic, and her personality that exudes a joy for life, I know that Ally will absolutely SOAR in every single thing that she does in the future. She’s been a ray of sunshine to all of her friends here at home, and I cannot wait for even more people to experience her light in college and well beyond. Congratulations, Ally! The sky is the limit for you.

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